Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1212.1623 (Heiko Berninger et al.)

Derivation of the Isotropic Diffusion Source Approximation (IDSA) for
Supernova Neutrino Transport by Asymptotic Expansions

Heiko Berninger, Emmanuel Frenod, Martin Gander, Mathias Liebendorfer, Jerome Michaud
We present Chapman--Enskog and Hilbert expansions applied to the $\BigO(v/c)$ Boltzmann equation for the radiative transfer of neutrinos in core-collapse supernovae. Based on the Legendre expansion of the scattering kernel for the collision integral truncated after the second term, we derive the diffusion limit for the Boltzmann equation by truncation of Chapman--Enskog or Hilbert expansions with reaction and collision scaling. We also give asymptotically sharp results obtained by the use of an additional time scaling. The diffusion limit determines the diffusion source in the \emph{Isotropic Diffusion Source Approximation (IDSA)} of Boltzmann's equation for which the free streaming limit and the reaction limit serve as limiters. Here, we derive the reaction limit as well as the free streaming limit by truncation of Chapman--Enskog or Hilbert expansions using reaction and collision scaling as well as time scaling, respectively. Finally, we motivate why limiters are a good choice for the definition of the source term in the IDSA.
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