Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1212.2370 (D. Lukman et al.)

Families of spinors in $d=(1+5)$ with zweibein and two kinds of spin
connection fields on an almost $S^2$

D. Lukman, N. S. Mankoc Borstnik
We studied (arxiv: 1001.4679, 1205.1714) properties of spinors in a toy model in $d=(1+5)$ as a step towards realistic Kaluza-Klein (like) theories in non compact spaces. ${\cal M}^{(5+1)}$ was assumed to break to an infinite disc with a zweibein which makes a disc curved on $S^2$ and with a spin connection field which allows on such a sphere only one massless spinor state. This time we are taking into account families of spinors interacting with several spin connection fields, as required for this toy model by the spin-charge-family theory We are studying possible masslesness of families of spinors: Spinors regroup into subgroups of an even number of families.
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