Thursday, December 27, 2012

1212.5977 (Zouhair Mouayn)

A family of relativistic Bargmann-type transforms attached to Maass
Laplacians on the Poincare disk

Zouhair Mouayn
We construct a set of coherent states through special superpositions of eigenstates of a relativistic pseudoharmonic oscillator. In each superposition the coefficients are chosen to be L2 eingenfunctions of a s-weight Maass Laplacian on the Poincare disk, which are associated with the eigenvalue 4m(s-1 + m), m = 0, 1,...,((s-1) /2).For each integer m the obtained coherent states transform constitutes a of relativistic Bargmann-type transform whose integral kernel is expressed in terms of a special Appel-Kampe de Feriet s hypergeometric function.
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