Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1301.5260 (Shi-shyr Roan)

Fermat Surface and Group Theory in Symmetry of Rapidity Family in Chiral
Potts Model

Shi-shyr Roan
The present paper discusses various mathematical aspects about the rapidity symmetry in chiral Potts model (CPM) in the context of algebraic geometry and group theory . We re-analyze the symmetry group of a rapidity curve in $N$-state CPM, explore the universal group structure for all $N$, and further enlarge it to modular symmetries of the complete rapidity family in CPM. As will be shown in the article that all rapidity curves in $N$-state CPM constitute a Fermat hypersurface in $\PZ^3$ of degree 2N as the natural generalization of the Fermat K3 elliptic surface $(N=2)$, we conduct a thorough algebraic geometry study about the rapidity fibration of Fermat surface and its reduced hyperelliptic fibration via techniques in algebraic surface theory. Symmetries of rapidity family in CPM and hyperelliptic family in $\tau^{(2)}$-model are exhibited through the geometrical representation of the universal structural group in mathematics.
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