Friday, February 8, 2013

1302.1830 (Gregory S. Adkins)

Three-dimensional Fourier transforms, integrals of spherical Bessel
functions, and novel delta function identities

Gregory S. Adkins
We present a general approach for evaluating a large variety of three-dimensional Fourier transforms. The transforms considered include the useful cases of the Coulomb and dipole potentials, and include situations where the transforms are singular and involve terms proportional to the Dirac delta function. Our approach makes use of the Rayleigh expansion of exp(i p.r) in terms of spherical Bessel functions, and we study a number of integrals, including singular integrals, involving a power of the independent variable times a spherical Bessel function. We work through several examples of three-dimensional Fourier transforms using our approach and show how to derive a number of identities involving multiple derivatives of 1/r, 1/r^2, and delta(\vec r).
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