Thursday, February 21, 2013

1302.5024 (Ehsan Hatefi)

Closed string Ramond-Ramond proposed higher derivative interactions on
fermionic amplitudes in IIB

Ehsan Hatefi
The closed form of the correlation functions and the complete form of the amplitude of one closed string Ramond-Ramond (C-field), two fermionic strings and one scalar field in IIB super string theory has been computed in detail. Deriving $$ through using suitable gauge fixing, we discover some new vertices and their infinite higher derivative corrections. We produce both infinite gauge and scalar $u-$channel poles of this amplitude. In particular, by setting the fact that the kinetic term of fermion fields has no correction, employing Born-Infeld action, the Wess-Zumino terms and their higher derivative corrections, we discover all the infinite $t,s-$channel fermion poles. The couplings between one RR and two fermions and all their infinite higher derivative corrections have been explored. In order to look for all the infinite $(s+t+u)-$ channel scalar/gauge poles for $p+2=n,p=n$ cases, we obtain the couplings between two fermions-two scalars and two fermions, one scalar and one gauge field as well as all their infinite higher derivative corrections. Specifically we make various comments based on arXiv:1205.5079 in favor of the universality conjecture for all order higher derivative corrections (with or without low energy expansion) and the relation of open/closed string that is responsible for all super string scattering amplitudes in IIA,IIB.
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