Monday, February 25, 2013

1302.5459 (F. Haas et al.)

Time-Dependent Gaussian Solution for the Kostin Equation around
Classical Trajectories

F. Haas, J. M. F. Bassalo, D. G. da Silva, A. B. Nassar, M. Cattani
The structure of time-dependent Gaussian solutions for the Kostin equation in dissipative quantum mechanics is analyzed. Expanding the generic external potential near the center of mass of the wave packet, one conclude that: the center of mass follows the dynamics of a classical particle under the external potential and a damping proportional to the velocity; the width of the wave packet satisfy a non-conservative Pinney equation. An appropriate perturbation theory is developed for the free particle case, solving the long standing problem of finding analytic expressions for square integrable solutions of the free Kostin equation. The associated Wigner function is also studied.
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