Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1302.6400 (A. Raouf Chouikha et al.)

On the period function of Newtonian systems    [PDF]

A. Raouf Chouikha, Mohsen Timoumi
We study the existence of centers of planar autonomous system of the form $$(S) \quad \dot x=y,\qquad \dot y = -h(x) - g(x)y - f(x)y^2.$$ We are interested in the period function $T$ around a center 0. A sufficient condition for the isochronicity of (S) at 0 is given. Such a condition is also necessary when $f,g,h$ are analytic functions. In that case a characterization of isochronous centers of system (S) is given. Some applications will be derived. In particular, new families of isochronous centers will be described
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