Friday, March 1, 2013

1302.7309 (Yoon Seok Choun)

Approximative solution of the spin free Hamiltonian involving only
scalar potential for the $q-\bar{q}$ system

Yoon Seok Choun
In an earlier paper we showed development of a bilocal baryon-meson field from two quark-antiquark fields by Catto \textit{et} \textit{al}. [Acta\ Polytechnica\ {\bf 51}(1), (2011)] In the local approximation the hadron field was shown to exhibit supersymmetry which was then extended to hadronic mother trajectories and to inclusion of multiquark states. The Hamiltonian in the case of vanishing quark masses was shown to have a very good agreement with experiments. The theory for vanishing mass was solved using confluent hypergeometric functions. In order to solve the spin-free Hamiltonian with light quark masses we are led to develop a totally new kind of special function theory in mathematics that generalize all existing theories of confluent hypergeometric types. We call it the "Grand Confluent Hypergeometric Function." Our new solution produces previously unknown extra "hidden" quantum numbers relevant for description of supersymmetry and for generating new mass formulas.
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