Friday, April 19, 2013

0811.0126 (Eduardo Cuervo-Reyes et al.)

On Geometrical Aspects of Dynamical Stability    [PDF]

Eduardo Cuervo-Reyes, Ramis Movassagh
Geometrization of dynamics consists of representing trajectories by geodesics on a suitably defined metric. Previously, efforts were made to show that the analysis of dynamical stability can also be carried out within geometrical frameworks, by measuring the broadening rate of a bundle of geodesics. Two known formalisms are via Jacobi and Eisenhart metrics. We find that this geometrical analysis measures the actual stability when the length of any geodesic is proportional to the corresponding time interval. We prove that the Jacobi metric is not an appropriate parametrization by showing that it predicts chaotic behavior for a system of harmonic oscillators. Furthermore, we show, by explicit calculation, that the correspondence between dynamical- and geometrical-spread is ill-defined for the Jacobi metric. We find that the Eisenhart dynamics corresponds to the actual tangent dynamics and is therefore an appropriate geometrization scheme.
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