Monday, April 8, 2013

1304.1780 (Elliott H. Lieb et al.)

Equivalence of two definitions of the effective mass of a polaron    [PDF]

Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer
Two definitions of the effective mass of a particle interacting with a quantum field, such as a polaron, are considered and shown to be equal in models similar to the Froehlich polaron model. These are: 1. the mass defined by the low momentum energy $E(P) \approx E(0)+P^2/2M$ of the translation invariant system constrained to have momentum $P$ and 2. the mass $M$ of a simple particle in an arbitrary slowly varying external potential, $V$, described by the nonrelativistic Schroedinger equation, whose ground state energy equals that of the combined particle/field system in a bound state in the same $V$.
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