Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1304.2182 (Boris Arm)

Poisson Lie Sigma Models    [PDF]

Boris Arm
A Manin triples (D; g; ~ g) is a bialgebra (g; ~ g which don't intersect each others and a direct sum of this bialgebra D = g ~ g). If the corresponding Lie groups have a Poisson structure, they are called Poisson-Lie groups. A Poisson-Lie sigma models is an action (3.13) calculated by a Poisson vector eld matrix. [3] have deduced the extremal eld which minimize the action of this models, which gives the motion equation (3.19). We calculate here the action and the equations of motion for some 6-dimensionals Manin triples and we give a general formula for each 4-dimensional Manin triples. The 6-dimensional Manin triples are (sl(2; C) sl(2; C) ; sl(2; C); sl(2; C)),(sl(2; C) sl(2; C) ; sl(2; C)); sl(2; C),(sl(2; C); su(2; C); sb(2; C)) and (sl(2; C); sb(2; C); su(2; C)).
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.2182

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