Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0197 (Sid-Ahmed Yahiaoui et al.)

New SU(1, 1) Position-Dependent Effective Mass Coherent States for the
Generalized Shifted Harmonic Oscillator

Sid-Ahmed Yahiaoui, Mustapha Bentaiba
A new SU(1, 1) position-dependent effective mass coherent states (PDEM CS) related to the shifted harmonic oscillator (SHO) are deduced. This is accomplished by applying a similarity transformation to the generally deformed oscillator algebra (GDOA) generators for PDEM system and construct a new set of operators which close the su(1, 1) Lie algebra, being the PDEM CS of the basis for its unitary irreducible representation. The residual potential is associated to the SHO. From the Lie algebra generators, we evaluate the uncertainty relationship for a position and momentum-like operators in the PDEM CS and show that it is minimized in the sense of Barut-Girardello CS. We prove that the deduced PDEM CS preserve the same analytical form than those of Glauber states. We show that the probability density of dynamical evolution in the PDEM CS oscillates back and forth as time goes by and behaves as classical wave packet.
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