Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4790 (Tim Wirtz et al.)

Distribution of the Smallest Eigenvalue in the Correlated Wishart Model    [PDF]

Tim Wirtz, Thomas Guhr
Wishart random matrix theory is of major importance for the analysis of correlated time series. The distribution of the smallest eigenvalue for Wishart correlation matrices is particularly interesting in many applications. In the complex and in the real case, we calculate it exactly for arbitrary empirical eigenvalues, i.e., for fully correlated Gaussian Wishart ensembles. To this end, we derive certain dualities of matrix models in ordinary space. We thereby completely avoid the otherwise unsurmountable problem of computing a highly non-trivial group integral. Our results are compact and much easier to handle than previous ones. Furthermore, we obtain a new universality for the distribution of the smallest eigenvalue on the proper local scale.
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