Friday, July 26, 2013

1305.1944 (Nikolay Gromov et al.)

Analytic Solution of Bremsstrahlung TBA II: Turning on the Sphere Angle    [PDF]

Nikolay Gromov, Fedor Levkovich-Maslyuk, Grigory Sizov
We find an exact analytical solution of the Y-system describing a cusped Wilson line in the planar limit of N=4 SYM. Our explicit solution describes anomalous dimensions of this family of observables for any value of the `t Hooft coupling and arbitrary R-charge L of the local operator inserted on the cusp in a near-BPS limit. Our finding generalizes the previous results of one of the authors & Sever and passes several nontrivial tests. First, for a particular case L=0 we reproduce the predictions of localization techniques. Second, we show that in the classical limit our result perfectly reproduces the existing prediction from classical string theory. In addition, we made a comparison with all existing weak coupling results and we found that our result interpolates smoothly between these two very different regimes of AdS/CFT. As a byproduct we found a generalization of the essential parts of the FiNLIE construction for the gamma-deformed case and discuss our results in the framework of the novel ${\bf P}\mu$-formulation of the spectral problem.
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