Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1128 (Masahito Yamazaki)

New Integrable Models from the Gauge/YBE Correspondence    [PDF]

Masahito Yamazaki
We introduce a class of new integrable lattice models labeled by a pair of positive integers N and r. The integrable model is obtained from the Gauge/YBE correspondence, which states the equivalence of the 4d N=1 S^1 \times S^3/Z_r index of a large class of SU(N) quiver gauge theories with the partition function of 2d classical integrable spin models. The integrability of the model (star-star relation) is equivalent with the invariance of the index under the Seiberg duality. Our solution to the Yang-Baxter equation is one of the most general known in the literature, and reproduces a number of known integrable models. Our analysis identifies the Yang-Baxter equation with a particular duality (called the Yang-Baxter duality) between two 4d N=1 supersymmetric quiver gauge theories. This suggests that the integrability goes beyond 4d lens indices and can be extended to the full physical equivalence among the IR fixed points.
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