Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3078 (L I Plimak et al.)

Quantum-field-theoretical approach to phase-space techniques: Symmetric
Wick theorem and multitime Wigner representation

L I Plimak, M K Olsen
In this work we present the formal background used to develop the methods used in earlier works to extend the truncated Wigner representation of quantum and atom optics in order to address multi-time problems. The truncated Wigner representation has proven to be of great practical use, especially in the numerical study of the quantum dynamics of Bose condensed gases. In these cases, it allows for the simulation of effects which are missed entirely by other approximations, such as the Gross-Pitaevskii equation, but does not suffer from the severe instabilities of more exact methods. The numerical treatment of interacting many-body quantum systems is an extremely difficult task, and the ability to extend the truncated Wigner beyond single-time situations adds another powerful technique to the available toolbox. This article gives the formal mathematics behind the development of our "time-Wigner ordering" which allows for the calculation of the multi-time averages which are required for such quantities as the Glauber correlation functions which are applicable to bosonic fields.
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