Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4219 (Stefan Berceanu)

Coherent states and geometry on the Siegel-Jacobi disk    [PDF]

Stefan Berceanu
The coherent state representation of the Jacobi group $G^J_1$ is indexed with two parameters, $\mu (=\frac{1}{\hbar})$, describing the part coming from the Heisenberg group, and $k$, characterizing the positive discrete series representation of $\text{SU}(1,1)$. The Ricci form, the scalar curvature and the geodesics of the Siegel-Jacobi disk $\mc{D}^J_1$ are investigated. The significance in the language of coherent states of the transform which realizes the fundamental conjecture on the Siegel-Jacobi disk is emphasized. The Berezin kernel, Calabi's diastasis, the Kobayashi embedding, and the Cauchy formula for the Sigel-Jacobi disk are presented.
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