Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6899 (Yan-Jiun Chen et al.)

Universal scaling function for the two-dimensional Ising model in an
external field: A pragmatic approach

Yan-Jiun Chen, Natalie M. Paquette, Benjamin B. Machta, James P. Sethna
We report an effective functional form for the spin-spin correlation function of the 2D Ising model as a function of temperature and field. Although the Ising model has been well studied, no analytical result for the spin-spin correlation function exists for arbitrary magnetic fields and temperatures. We show the validity of our form by comparison with simulations using the Wolff algorithm, and obtain remarkable precision by including analytic corrections to scaling. Given recent interest in comparing biomembrane heterogeneity to Ising criticality, our spin-spin correlation function may be used as a predictive quantitative measure for FRET or NMR membrane experiments.
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