Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8414 (Christian Sadel)

A Herman-Avila-Bochi formula for higher dimensional pseudo-unitary and
hermitian-symplectic cocycles

Christian Sadel
A Herman-Avila-Bochi type formula is obtained for the average sum of the top d Lyapunov exponents over a one-parameter family of G-cocycles, where G is the group that leaves a certain, non-degenerate hermitian form of signature (c,d) invariant. The generic example of such a group is the pseudo-unitary group U(c,d) or in the case c=d, the hermitian-symplectic group HSp(2d) which naturally appears for cocycles related to Schr\"odinger operators. In the case d=1, the formula for HSp(2d) cocycles reduces to the Herman-Avila-Bochi formula for SL(2,R) cocycles.
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