Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0307 (Ruben Flores-Espinoza)

The Lie Transform Method for perturbations of contravariant
antisymmetric tensor fields and its applications to Hamiltonian dynamics

Ruben Flores-Espinoza
By means of the Schouten calculus for contravariant antisymmetric tensor fields, we apply the Lie transform method to investigate smooth deformations of tensor fields and, in particular, to perturbations of Hamiltonian systems generated by deformations of the Poisson bracket. Using results by Karasev and Vorobiev on the computation of Poisson cohomology we describe infinitesimal generators for the Lie transformations. We give applications to perturbed Euler equations on six dimensional Lie coalgebras and to Hamiltonian systems on Poisson manifolds equipped with Dirac brackets.
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