Monday, February 27, 2012

1202.5318 (Franck Barthe et al.)

Transference Principles for Log-Sobolev and Spectral-Gap with
Applications to Conservative Spin Systems

Franck Barthe, Emanuel Milman
We obtain new principles for transferring log-Sobolev and Spectral-Gap
inequalities from a source metric-measure space to a target one, when the
curvature of the target space is bounded from below. As our main application,
we obtain explicit estimates for the log-Sobolev and Spectral-Gap constants of
various conservative spin system models, consisting of non-interacting and
weakly-interacting particles, constrained to conserve the mean-spin. When the
self-interaction is a perturbation of a strongly convex potential, this
partially recovers and partially extends previous results of Caputo,
Chafa\"{\i}, Grunewald, Landim, Lu, Menz, Otto, Panizo, Villani, Westdickenberg
and Yau. When the self-interaction is only assumed to be (non-strongly) convex,
as in the case of the two-sided exponential measure, we obtain sharp estimates
on the system's spectral-gap as a function of the mean-spin, independently of
the size of the system.
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