Monday, February 27, 2012

1202.5405 (Andrei Babichenko et al.)

Multi-parametric R-matrix for the sl(2|1) Yangian    [PDF]

Andrei Babichenko, Alessandro Torrielli
We study the Yangian of the sl(2|1) Lie superalgebra in a multi-parametric
four-dimensional representation. We use Drinfeld's second realization to derive
the R-matrix, the antiparticle representation, the crossing and unitarity
condition. We consistently apply the Yangian antipode and its inverse to the
individual particles involved in the scattering. We explicitly find a scalar
factor solving the crossing and unitarity conditions. The formulas we obtain
bear some similarities with those familiar from the study of integrable
structures in the AdS/CFT correspondence, although they present obvious crucial
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