Monday, March 19, 2012

1111.2596 (James M. Bardeen et al.)

Bondi-Sachs Energy-Momentum for the CMC Initial Value Problem    [PDF]

James M. Bardeen, Luisa T. Buchman
The constraints on the asymptotic behavior of the conformal factor and conformal extrinsic curvature imposed by the initial value equations of general relativity on constant mean extrinsic curvature (CMC) hypersurfaces are analyzed in detail. We derive explicit formulas for the Bondi-Sachs energy and momentum in terms of coefficients of asymptotic expansions on CMC hypersurfaces near future null infinity. Precise numerical results for the Bondi-Sachs energy, momentum, and angular momentum are used to interpret physically Bowen-York solutions of the initial value equations on conformally flat CMC hypersurfaces of the type obtained earlier by Buchman et al. [Phys. Rev. D 80:084024 (2009)].
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