Monday, March 19, 2012

1203.3773 (Matthew Dobson et al.)

Derivation of Langevin Dynamics in a nonzero Background Flow Field    [PDF]

Matthew Dobson, Frédéric Legoll, Tony Lelièvre, Gabriel Stoltz
We propose a derivation of a nonequilibrium Langevin dynamics for a large particle immersed in a background flow field. A single large particle is placed in an ideal gas heat bath composed of point particles that are distributed consistently with the background flow field and that interact with the large particle through elastic collisions. In the limit of small bath atom mass, the large particle dynamics converges in law to a stochastic dynamics. This derivation follows the ideas of [D. D\"urr, S. Goldstein, and J. L. Lebowitz, 1981 and 1983; P. Calderoni, D. D\"urr, and S. Kusuoka, 1989] and provides extensions to handle the nonzero background flow. The derived nonequilibrium Langevin dynamics is similar to the dynamics in [M. McPhie, et al., 2001]. Some numerical experiments illustrate the use of the obtained dynamic to simulate homogeneous liquid materials under flow.
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