Monday, May 28, 2012

1011.2370 (Pierre Bieliavsky et al.)

Deformation Quantization for Heisenberg Supergroup    [PDF]

Pierre Bieliavsky, Axel de Goursac, Gijs Tuynman
We construct a non-formal deformation machinery for the actions of the Heisenberg supergroup analogue to the one developed by M. Rieffel for the actions of R^d. However, the method used here differs from Rieffel's one: we obtain a Universal Deformation Formula for the actions of R^{m|n} as a byproduct of Weyl ordered Kirillov's orbit method adapted to the graded setting. To do so, we have to introduce the notion of C*-superalgebra, which is compatible with the deformation, and which can be seen as corresponding to noncommutative superspaces. We also use this construction to interpret the renormalizability of a noncommutative Quantum Field Theory.
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