Monday, May 28, 2012

1110.5887 (Kamil Kaleta et al.)

One-dimensional quasi-relativistic particle in the box    [PDF]

Kamil Kaleta, Mateusz Kwasnicki, Jacek Malecki
Two-term Weyl-type asymptotic law for the eigenvalues of one-dimensional quasi-relativistic Hamiltonian (-h^2 c^2 d^2/dx^2 + m^2 c^4)^(1/2) + V_well(x) (the Klein-Gordon square-root operator with electrostatic potential) with the infinite square well potential V_well(x) is given: the n-th eigenvalue is equal to (n pi/2 - pi/8) h c/a + O(1/n), where 2a is the width of the potential well. Simplicity of eigenvalues is proved. Some L^2 and L^infinity properties of eigenfunctions are also studied. Eigenvalues represent energies of a `massive particle in the box' quasi-relativistic model.
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