Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1205.1041 (E. Olbrant et al.)

Asymptotic Derivation and Numerical Investigation of Time-Dependent
Simplified Pn Equations

E. Olbrant, E. W. Larsen, M. Frank, B. Seibold
The steady-state simplified Pn (SPn) approximations to the linear Boltzmann equation have been proven to be asymptotically higher-order corrections to the diffusion equation in certain physical systems. In this paper, we present an asymptotic analysis for the time-dependent simplified Pn equations up to n = 3. Additionally, SPn equations of arbitrary order are derived in an ad hoc way. The resulting SPn equations are hyperbolic and differ from those investigated in a previous work by some of the authors. In two space dimensions, numerical calculations for the Pn and SPn equations are performed. We simulate neutron distributions of a moving rod and present results for a benchmark problem, known as the checkerboard problem. The SPn equations are demonstrated to yield significantly more accurate results than diffusion approximations. In addition, for sufficiently low values of n, they are shown to be more efficient than Pn models of comparable cost.
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