Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1206.0508 (Zhigang Bao et al.)

Central limit theorem for partial linear eigenvalue statistics of Wigner

Zhigang Bao, Guangming Pan, Wang Zhou
In this paper, we study the complex Wigner matrices $M_n=\frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}W_n$ whose eigenvalues are typically in the interval $[-2,2]$. Let $\lambda_1\leq \lambda_2...\leq\lambda_n$ be the ordered eigenvalues of $M_n$. Under the assumption of four matching moments with the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble(GUE), for test function $f$ 4-times continuously differentiable on an open interval including $[-2,2]$, we establish central limit theorems for two types of partial linear statistics of the eigenvalues. The first type is defined with a threshold $u$ in the bulk of the Wigner semicircle law as $\mathcal{A}_n[f; u]=\sum_{l=1}^nf(\lambda_l)\mathbf{1}_{\{\lambda_l\leq u\}}$. And the second one is $\mathcal{B}_n[f; k]=\sum_{l=1}^{k}f(\lambda_l)$ with positive integer $k=k_n$ such that $k/n\rightarrow y\in (0,1)$ as $n$ tends to infinity. Moreover, we derive a weak convergence result for a partial sum process constructed from $\mathcal{B}_n[f; \lfloor nt\rfloor]$.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1206.0508

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