Friday, June 22, 2012

1206.4704 (Marius de Leeuw et al.)

Integrable boundaries in AdS/CFT: revisiting the Z=0 giant graviton and

Marius de Leeuw, Vidas Regelskis
We consider the worldsheet boundary scattering and the corresponding boundary algebras for the Z=0 giant graviton and the Z=0 D7-brane in the AdS/CFT correspondence. We consider two approaches to the boundary scattering, the usual one governed by (generalized) twisted Yangians and the q-deformed model of these boundaries governed by quantum affine coideal subalgebras. We show that the q-deformed approach leads to boundary algebras that are of a much more compact form than the corresponding twisted Yangians, and thus are favourable to use for explicit calculations. We obtain the q-deformed reflection matrices for both boundaries which in the q\rightarrow1 limit specialize to the ones obtained using twisted Yangians.
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