Friday, June 22, 2012

1206.4941 (D. Acosta et al.)

Emergent quantum mechanics as a classical, irreversible thermodynamics    [PDF]

D. Acosta, P. Fernandez de Cordoba, J. M. Isidro, J. L. G. Santander
We present an explicit correspondence between quantum mechanics and the classical theory of irreversible thermodynamics as developed by Onsager, Prigogine et al. Our correspondence maps irreversible Gaussian Markov processes into the semiclassical approximation of quantum mechanics. Quantum-mechanical propagators are mapped into thermodynamical probability distributions. The Feynman path integral also arises naturally in this setup. The fact that quantum mechanics can be translated into thermodynamical language provides additional support for the conjecture that quantum mechanics is not a fundamental theory but rather an emergent phenomenon, i.e., an effective description of some underlying degrees of freedom.
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