Thursday, August 30, 2012

1208.5984 (Kira V. Khmelnytskaya et al.)

Wave polynomials, transmutations and Cauchy's problem for the
Klein-Gordon equation

Kira V. Khmelnytskaya, Vladislav V. Kravchenko, Sergii M. Torba, Sébastien Tremblay
We prove a completeness result for a class of polynomial solutions of the wave equation called wave polynomials and construct generalized wave polynomials, solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with a variable coefficient. Using the transmutation (transformation) operators and their recently discovered mapping properties we prove the completeness of the generalized wave polynomials and use them for an explicit construction of the solution of the Cauchy problem for the Klein-Gordon equation. Based on this result we develop a numerical method for solving the Cauchy problem and test its performance.
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