Thursday, December 20, 2012

1212.4666 (Sven Gnutzmann et al.)

Remarks on nodal volume statistics for regular and chaotic wave
functions in various dimensions

Sven Gnutzmann, Stylianos Lois
We discuss the statistical properties of the volume of the nodal set of wave function for two paradigmatic model systems which we consider in arbitrary dimension $s\ge 2$: the cuboid as a paradigm for a regular shape with separable wave functions, planar random waves as an established model for chaotic wave functions in irregular shapes. We give explicit results for the mean and variance of the nodal volume in arbitrary dimension, and for their limiting distribution. For the mean nodal volume we calculate the effect of the boundary of the cuboid where Dirichlet boundary conditions reduce the nodal volume compared to the bulk. Boundary effects for chaotic wave functions are calculated using random waves which satisfy a Dirichlet boundary condition on a hyperplane. We put forward several conjectures what properties of cuboids generalise to general regular shapes with separable wave functions and what properties of random waves can be expected for general irregular shapes. These universal features clearly distinct between the two cases.
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