Friday, January 4, 2013

1301.0414 (V. E. Vekslerchik)

Explicit solutions for a (2+1)-dimensional Toda-like chain    [PDF]

V. E. Vekslerchik
We consider a (2+1)-dimensional Toda-like chain which can be viewed as a two-dimensional generalization of the Wu-Geng model and which is closely related to the two-dimensional Volterra, two-dimensional Toda and relativistic Toda lattices. In the framework of the Hirota direct approach, we present equations describing this model as a system of bilinear equations that belongs to the Ablowitz-Ladik hierarchy. Using the Jacobi-like determinantal identities and the Fay identity for the theta-functions, we derive its Toeplitz, dark-soliton and quasiperiodic solutions as well as the similar set of solutions for the two-dimensional Volterra chain.
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