Friday, March 22, 2013

1103.3999 (Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari et al.)

Graphene Nanoribbon in Sharply Localized Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

Abdulaziz D. Alhaidari, Hocine Bahlouli, Abderrahim El Mouhafid, Ahmed Jellal
We study the effect of a sharply localized magnetic field on the electron transport in a strip (ribbon) of graphene sheet, which allows to give results for the transmission and reflection probability through magnetic barriers. The magnetic field is taken as a single and double delta type localized functions, which are treated later as the zero width limit of gaussian fields. For both field configurations, we evaluate analytically and numerically their transmission and reflection coefficients. The possibility of spacial confinement due to the inhomogeneous field configuration is also investigated.
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