Friday, March 15, 2013

1303.3414 (Johannes Huebschmann)

Differential Batalin-Vilkovisky algebras arising from twilled
Lie-Rinehart algebras

Johannes Huebschmann
Twilled L(ie-)R(inehart)-algebras generalize, in the Lie-Rinehart context, complex structures on smooth manifolds. An almost complex manifold determines an "almost twilled pre-LR algebra", which is a true twilled LR-algebra iff the almost complex structure is integrable. We characterize twilled LR structures in terms of certain associated differential (bi)graded Lie and G(erstenhaber)-algebras; in particular the G-algebra arising from an almost complex structure is a d(ifferential) G-algebra iff the almost complex structure is integrable. Such G-algebras, endowed with a generator turning them into a B(atalin-)V(ilkovisky)-algebra, occur on the B-side of the mirror conjecture. We generalize a result of Koszul to those dG-algebras which arise from twilled LR-algebras. A special case thereof explains the relationship between holomorphic volume forms and exact generators for the corresponding dG-algebra and thus yields in particular a conceptual proof of the Tian-Todorov lemma. We give a differential homological algebra interpretation for twilled LR-algebras and by means of it we elucidate the notion of generator in terms of homological duality for differential graded LR-algebras.
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