Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3825 (L. Arkeryd et al.)

A linearized kinetic problem on the half-line with collision operator
from a Bose condensate with excitations

L. Arkeryd, A. Nouri
The paper studies a Milne type problem for a linearized quantum Boltzmann equation. Existence and uniqueness of the solution, together with asymptotic properties are proven for a given energy flow. The energy flow is proportional to the asymptotic limit of the mass flow, and the collision frequency is aymptoticlaly cubic in velocity. The setting differs from the one for the classical Boltzmann and related equations, where the fluid-dynamic mass flow along half-line is constant. Here it is no more constant. Instead the study is based on the energy flow which is no more fluid-dynamic, and on the entropy flow which differs from the classical case.
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