Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6892 (O. Sh. Mukhtarov et al.)

Green's function for Sturm-Liouville problem    [PDF]

O. Sh. Mukhtarov, K. Aydemir
The purpose of this study is to investigate a new class of boundary value transmission problems (BVTP's) for Sturm-Liouville equation on two separate intervals. We introduce modified inner product in direct sum space $L_{2}[a,c)\oplus L_{2}(c,b]\oplus\mathbb{C}^{2}$ and define symmetric linear operator in it such a way that the considered problem can be interpreted as an eigenvalue problem of this operator. Then by suggesting an own approaches we construct Green's function for problem under consideration and find the resolvent function for corresponding inhomogeneous problem.
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