Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6913 (A. Vellender et al.)

Perturbation analysis for an imperfect interface crack problem using
weight function techniques

A. Vellender, G. Mishuris, A. Piccolroaz
An important element of our approach is the derivation of a new weight function (a special solution to a homogeneous boundary value problem) in the imperfect interface setting. The weight function is derived using Fourier transform and Wiener-Hopf techniques and allows us to obtain an expression for an important constant (which may be used in a fracture criterion) that describes the leading order of tractions near the crack tip for the unperturbed problem. We present computations that demonstrate how this constant varies depending on the extent of interface imperfection and contrast in material stiffness. We then perform perturbation analysis to derive an expression for the change in the leading order of tractions near the tip of the main crack induced by the presence of the small defect, whose sign can be interpreted as the inclusion's presence having an amplifying or shielding effect on the propagation of the main crack.
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