Monday, April 22, 2013

1304.5495 (F. Vega)

Harmonic and Dirac oscillators in a (2+1)-dimensional noncommutative

F. Vega
We study the Harmonic and Dirac Oscillator problem extended to a three-dimensional noncom- mutative space where the noncommutativity is induced by a shift of the dynamical variables with generators of SL(2;R) in a unitary irreducible representation. The Hilbert space gets the structure of a direct product with the representation space as a factor, where there exist operators which realize the algebra of Lorentz transformations. The spectrum of these models are considered in perturbation theory, both for small and large noncommutativity parameters, ?nding no constraints between coordinates and momenta noncom- mutativity parameters. Since the representation space of the unitary irreducible representations SL(2;R) can be realized in terms of spaces of square-integrable functions, we conclude that these models are equivalent to quantum mechanical models of particles living in a space with an additional compact dimension. PACS: 03.65.-w; 11.30.Cp; 02.40.Gh
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