Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1304.5626 (Muxin Han et al.)

Path Integral Representation of Lorentzian Spinfoam Model, Asymptotics,
and Simplicial Geometries

Muxin Han, Thomas Krajewski
A path integral representation of Lorentzian Engle-Pereira-Rovelli-Livine (EPRL) spinfoam model is proposed as a starting point of semiclassical analysis. The relation between the spinfoam model and classical simplicial geometry is studied via the large spin asymptotic expansion of the spinfoam amplitude with all spins uniformaly large. More precisely in the large spin regime, there is an equivalence between the spinfoam critical configuration (with certain nondegeneracy assumption) and a classical Lorentzian simplicial geometry. Such an equivalence relation allows us to classify the spinfoam critical configurations by their geometrical interpretations, via two types of solution-generating maps. The equivalence between spinfoam critical configuration and simplical geometry also allows us to define the notion of globally oriented and time-oriented spinfoam critical configuration. It is shown that only at the globally oriented and time-oriented spinfoam critical configuration, the leading order contribution of spinfoam large spin asymptotics gives precisely an exponential of Lorentzian Regge action of General Relativity. At all other (unphysical) critical configurations, spinfoam large spin asymptotics modifies the Regge action at the leading order approximation.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.5626

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