Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1304.6353 (Vita Borovyk et al.)

The Klein-Gordon Equation on $\Z^2$ and the Quantum Harmonic Lattice    [PDF]

Vita Borovyk, Michael Goldberg
The discrete Klein-Gordon equation on a two-dimensional square lattice satisfies an $\ell^1 \mapsto \ell^\infty$ dispersive bound with polynomial decay rate $|t|^{-3/4}$. We determine the shape of the light cone for any choice of the mass parameter and relative propagation speeds along the two coordinate axes. Fundamental solutions experience the least dispersion along four caustic lines interior to the light cone rather than along its boundary, and decay exponentially to arbitrary order outside the light cone. The overall geometry of the propagation pattern and its associated dispersive bounds are independent of the particular choice of parameters. In particular there is no bifurcation of the number or type of caustics that are present. The discrete Klein-Gordon equation is a classical analogue of the quantum harmonic lattice. In the quantum setting, commutators of time-shifted observables experience the same decay rates as the corresponding Klein-Gordon solutions, which depend in turn on the relative location of the observables' support sets.
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