Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2813 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Almost Kaehler Ricci Flows and Einstein and Lagrange-Finsler Structures
on Lie Algebroids

Sergiu I. Vacaru
In this work we investigate Ricci flows of almost Kaehler structures on Lie algebroids when the fundamental geometric objects are completely determined by (semi) Riemannian metrics, or effective) regular generating Lagrange/ Finsler, functions. There are constructed canonical almost symplectic connections for which the geometric flows can be represented as gradient ones and characterized by nonholonomic deformations of Grigory Perelman's functionals. The first goal of this paper is to define such thermodynamical type values and derive almost K\"{a}hler - Ricci geometric evolution equations. The second goal is to study how fixed Lie algebroid, i.e. Ricci soliton, configurations can be constructed for Riemannian manifolds and/or (co) tangent bundles endowed with nonholonomic distributions modelling (generalized) Einstein or Finsler - Cartan spaces. Finally, there are provided some examples of generic off-diagonal solutions for Lie algebroid type Ricci solitons and (effective) Einstein and Lagrange-Finsler algebroids.
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