Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4830 (Iana I. Anguelova et al.)

$N$-point locality for vertex operators: normal ordered products,
operator product expansions, twisted vertex algebras

Iana I. Anguelova, Ben Cox, Elizabeth Jurisich
In this paper we study fields satisfying $N$-point locality and their properties. We obtain residue formulae for $N$-point local fields in terms of derivatives of delta functions and Bell polynomials. We introduce the notion of the space of descendants of $N$-point local fields which includes normal ordered products and coefficients of operator product expansions. We show that examples of $N$-point local fields include the vertex operators generating the boson-fermion correspondences of type B, C and D-A. We apply the normal ordered products of these vertex operators to the setting of the representation theory of the double-infinite rank Lie algebras $b_{\infty}, c_{\infty}, d_{\infty}$. Finally, we show that the field theory generated by $N$-point local fields and their descendants has a structure of a twisted vertex algebra.
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