Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4850 (Debashish Goswami et al.)

Quantum isometry groups of non commutative manifolds obtained by unitary
Drinfeld twist

Debashish Goswami, Soumalya Joardar
It is proved that the (volume and orientation-preserving) quantum isometry group of a spectral triple obtained by deformation by some unitary Drinfeld twist is isomorphic with a similar twist-deformation of the quantum isometry group of the original (undeformed) spectral triple. This result generalizes similar work by Bhowmick and Goswami for Rieffel-deformed spectral triple and facilitates computation of quantum isometry groups of the class of equivariant spectral triples constructed by the authors Neshveyev, Tuset.
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