Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5969 (Alexei Davydov et al.)

An alternative description of braided monoidal categories    [PDF]

Alexei Davydov, Ingo Runkel
We give an alternative presentation of braided monoidal categories. Instead of the usual associativity and braiding we have just one constraint (the b-structure). In the unital case, the coherence conditions for a b-structure are shown to be equivalent to the usual associativity, unit and braiding axioms. We also discuss the next dimensional version, that is, b-structures on bicategories. As an application, we show how special b-categories result in the Yang-Baxter equation, and how special b-bicategories produce Zamolodchikov's tetrahedron equation. Finally, we define a cohomology theory (the b-cohomology) which plays a role analogous to the one abelian group cohomology has for braided monoidal categories.
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