Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6079 (Nirmalendu Acharyya et al.)

Fuzzy Conifold $Y_F^6$ and Monopoles on $S_F^2\times S_F^2$    [PDF]

Nirmalendu Acharyya, Sachindeo Vaidya
In this article, we construct the fuzzy (finite dimensional) analogues of the conifold $Y^6$ and its base $X^5$. We show that fuzzy $X^5$ is (the analogue of) a principal U(1) bundle over fuzzy spheres $S^2_F \times S^2_F$ and explicitly construct the associated monopole bundles. In particular our construction provides an explicit discretization of the spaces $T^{\kappa,\kappa}$ and $T^{\kappa,0}$.
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