Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0589 (Andrew Strominger)

Asymptotic Symmetries of Yang-Mills Theory    [PDF]

Andrew Strominger
Asymptotic symmetries at future null infinity (I+) of Minkowski space for electrodynamics with massless charged fields, as well as non-Abelian gauge theories with gauge group G, are considered at the semiclassical level. The possibility of charge/color flux through I+ suggests the symmetry group is infinite-dimensional. It is conjectured that the symmetries include a G Kac-Moody symmetry whose generators are "large" gauge transformations which approach locally holomorphic functions on the conformal two-sphere at I+ and are invariant under null translations. The Kac-Moody currents are constructed from the gauge field at the future boundary of I+. The current Ward identities include Weinberg's soft photon theorem and its colored extension.
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