Monday, January 30, 2012

1106.5579 (Vincent Mellor et al.)

Numerical simulations of the Ising model on the Union Jack lattice    [PDF]

Vincent Mellor, Katrina Hibberd
This paper reviews the work of Wu and Lin on the Union Jack lattice Ising
model. This model is of interest as it one of the few to display re-entrant
phase transitions. Specifically we re-examine their result for the general
anisotropic sublattice magnetisations, comparing these with the works of Vaks,
Larkin and Ovchinnikov, and our own numerical simulations. We discuss the
disagreements found in both sublattice predictions including non-zero
antiferromagnetic results and a rotational variance. We will then suggest
additional conditions and modified formulae that will allow valid results to be
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