Monday, January 30, 2012

1107.2813 (Boris Doubrov et al.)

Co--calibrated $G_2$ structure from cuspidal cubics    [PDF]

Boris Doubrov, Maciej Dunajski
We establish a twistor correspondence between a cuspidal cubic curve in a
complex projective plane, and a co-calibrated homogeneous $G_2$ structure on
the seven--dimensional parameter space of such cubics. Imposing the Riemannian
reality conditions leads to an explicit co-calibrated $G_2$ structure on $SU(2,
1)/U(1)$. This is an example of an SO(3) structure in seven dimensions.
Cuspidal cubics and their higher degree analogues with constant projective
curvature are characterised as integral curves of 7th order ODEs. Projective
orbits of such curves are shown to be analytic continuations of Aloff--Wallach
manifolds, and it is shown that only cubics lift to a complete family of
contact rational curves in a projectivised cotangent bundle to a projective
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